What Is VertexFX Web Trader!

VertexFX Web Trader is the light module of VertexFX Client trade station, while the main is the traditional windows-based desktop application and the third is the VertexFX Mobile Trader. VertexFX Web Trader is considered to be a machine independent Trading terminal, as it is totally WEB enabled and fully tested at all traditional web browsers with smooth online market movement, real time market order placement, with the same security of the windows based system.

No need to download, no need to install or have any dependency on any component, just run your browser, whatever it is at your operating system (OS), place the link, login and Trade. VertexFX Web Trader is a Trading Station inheriting all the Trading capabilities, transparency and high availability, to perform a great alternative of the traditional desktop based Traders.

Why to use VertexFX Web Trader

If you are at the road, and all you have is your iPhone, or any type of a non-Windows Mobile phone, and you need now to trade or monitor prices to close a trade, or what if you are in an internet cafe and you do not have time to download and install any application even if it was as small as light as the VertexFX Windows Based application, and you need to do the trade now, and make the profit, or what if you are at home and all you have is an Apple MAC or a Linux based computer.

In all these situations and more, all you need, is just to open your browser, place the link, login, and trade, to a web trader that will allow you to enter market, close market, place limits and stops, manage positions, monitor the news, and print your statement.

How to use VertexFX Web Trader

VertexFX Web Trader is usually linked from the Market maker's website, so by following the link or placing it at your browser's address bar, you will have a login displayed, place your client's username and password, even for a single account, or for a group or offices at their specified fields, and click login.

The page will be redirected to the VertexFX Web Trader's main page, which contains five main areas, the control bar, that will be controlling the main Web Trade's facilities, like selecting accounts, getting statement, history or news, the Market Watch Area, the Trading area, The Pending Orders Area, and the open Positions Area.

After the login, if you are using a login that authorizes you more than one account control, then you have to do the account selection manually, by choosing the account you need from the combo box and click select account, after that process is finished and the account is selected, the account's summaries will appear in a line above the pending orders area, and now you are ready to trade.

Go to the market watch area, to the symbol you want to trade with, if it is not available at that screen, you can select to show it from the drop down list at the header of the market watch, when you have the symbol, and ready to trade, you can select if you want to place market order, then click on Trade Button, if you want to place a limit or a stop, click on Order Button.

On clicking any of those buttons, the Trading area will be activated, place your order's parameters, and click Buy, Sell, or new for the limit orders, according to your needed trade.

The order will then appear at the pending orders area, if it is a limit/stop order, or your account is not auto, or move directly to the open orders area if your account is auto. At the pending orders area, you can cancel, or edit your order, and over the open positions area you can close or manage your order by placing TP/SL orders.

For taking a full history for your account, click at the History button at the control bar at the top of the Web Trader, a window will appear, displaying the history for the last day, by a right click you can select the period you want to display the history for, click also at the statement and the news buttons, select the period for the statement you need, and click submit, and you will get your statement, for the news, right click at any news headline and select details, to read the news story.