What is VertexFX SMS Service!

What is VertexFX SMS Service

VertexFX Trader Solutions are supported with some value added services to supply and support the main trading system functionalities with some state of the art features that can make the trading features more professional and containing more values.

The main idea that is required from the analyst before thinking of a value added service, is how to make things easier, I the value added service is making something easier for the trader or the dealing room then it is somehow valuable.

SMS service is making things much easier for the traders in a hand and the dealing room on the other hand, beside some other more uses like marketing and fast announcement.

VertexFX Traders can be shipped with the VertexFX SMS Service optionally as a VAD, which is responsible of sending SMSs to the clients or the listed numbers on some conditions according to some setup, or exceptionally on clicking by the BO or for broadcasting some particular news to a particular client group.

While SMSs are send automatically with from the system at some situation like orders filling, send with the sender ID is the dealing room company name, this will add for sure some value to the trader who knows that his order was filled from a side and the dealing room not to suffer the effort of monitoring the orders and announcing to the clients and adding marketing value while the SMS is sent to the client with his dealing room name and information from the other side.

Why to use VertexFX SMS Service

Use VertexFX SMS Service whenever you want to announce an urgent news to your client, whenever and order for him was filled, send him an SMS every 6 hours for example with his account summaries, keep him updated every hour with his main symbol prices, send him symbol analysis every day.

With the send according schedule and send on demand option, you can manage your SMS sending well, manage the sent SMSs to your clients one time, and they will receive them on time, with no mistakes.

Use it in terms of customer services, use it in terms of client satisfaction, use it in terms of emergent announcement, use it on terms of broadcasting news, or use it on terms of marketing, all needs and one service, itís the VertexFX SMS Service.

How to use the VertexFX SMS Service

To use the SMS you will need to make the configuration schedule for sending them, from right click at the account on the tree, select SMS/Email Configuration, check the Enable SMS Box, and then start checking the times and the conditions you want the SMS to be sent to this number. And leave the system do the rest.