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What is VertexFX Mobile Trader

To Trade anywhere, anytime, and not to miss any trading opportunity, is one of the main trading needs. VertexFX Mobile Trader is the solution that enables clients to trade through their mobiles. VertexFX Mobile Trader is the mobile version of the three VertexFX Traderís terminals, install it on your windows based mobile phone, and you will be connected to your account wherever you are.

With Light Data Transfer Technology, compressing outgoing and incoming data is taking place to allow you to connect to your mobile, to your Wi-Fi, WAP, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, 3G or 3G+ network, whatever your mobile supports, and whatever your mobile network topography, you will be able to connect, Trade, with the minimum networking costs.

VertexFX Mobile Trader inherits all the trading security, Transparency, ease of use and availability from the main VertexFX Trader platform, to allow you always trade with no fear, trusting that everything will always be perfect.

Full market watch, Market orders, closing Market order, Limit Orders, Stop Orders, TP/SL orders are all available, with the ability to monitor your History, accounts summaries, and market news, are all available at your Windows Mobile supporting phone, so if you have a Windows Mobile Supporting Phone, do not hesitate to install the VertexFX Mobile Trader to it directly.

Why to use VertexFX Mobile Trader

If you are at the road, and all you have is your iPhone, or any type of a non-Windows Mobile phone, and you need now to trade or monitor prices to close a trade, or what if you are in an internet cafe and you do not have time to download and install any application even if it was as small as light as the VertexFX Windows Based application, and you need to do the trade now, and make the profit, or what if you are at home and all you have is an Apple MAC or a Linux based computer.

In all these situations and more, all you need, is just to open your browser, place the link, login, and trade, to a web trader that will allow you to enter market, close market, place limits and stops, manage positions, monitor the news, and print your statement.

How to use VertexFX Web Trader

By clicking to the VertexFX Mobile Trader icon at your programs screen window at your mobile, the Mobile Trader will run opening the login window as a start if it is the first run and you did not save any login information before, at the login window, an indicator for the internet will run, to test your internet connection in milliseconds, if you are not connected to the internet, then a red label will appear messaging “Internet Connection is not established” while this message is appearing, the login control button will be disabled, so check your internet connection and run the system again.

If no messages appeared, place your username and password at the appropriate places, and click login, the system will redirect you to the loading window, few seconds is separating you from the full login. When the loading bar is full, then the login process is now completed, the system will run the main window on it which is the Market Watch, you can see at the bottom the tabs of the available screens of the system, Account, Market Watch, Trade, Pending Orders, History, Alerts, and News.

Click at the accounts tab and check your tree, make sure you selected the needed account, if your tree only contains one account, then it will be selected automatically, simply select the account by a clicking on it.

Go to the market watch tab, you can see two parts, the market watch, and the selected account summaries, at the market watch area, you can perform a right click to see the available options; Trade Symbol, Limit/Stop Order, Move Symbol, Show Hide Symbols, Move symbols and show hide symbols is used to manage your perfect look to the symbols you need ordered by the priorities of your business, so you can hide a symbol, show a hidden symbol, and move a symbol down, or up in the table sorting.

By clicking in the Trade symbol, a screen will open, fill your order parameters, and click on the order type you want to perform (Sell or Buy), closing already open positions for this symbols or closing by hedge, will also be available at that screen.

Click also at the Limit/Stop Order to open the Limit Stop orders screen, also fill your parameters, and click “New Order” to apply.

Pending orders screen is available for you to monitor, cancel, or edit your pending orders, Trade window is for your open positions, right click at one of them, and you will find Close position, and Manage SL/TP options, click on the option you need, and follow the opening screen.

History tab, is for your old closed positions, all closed positions will be listed at that screen, right click to select the period in which you want to show such information.

Alert Tab, is to keep you up to date with the market movements, while you are outside, you do not need to stay busy, opening your mobile every five seconds, and see if some symbol hit some prices, so place your alert with the conditions you need, and with the moment comes the system will alert you with a sound to take action.