Boost Your Market Share and Revenues with the White Label Software we are offering

Our White Label Software Program is perfect for Dealers, Traders and for corporate brokerage services we are currently offering our customers worldwide with a high converting product, up to 20% of people who download, purchase the product. Our White Label Program is the strongest in the industry with top industry companies in the world as clients, and a presence on every continent. We can help you monetize your customer base and attract new customers with a quick time to market, giving you access to a new product.

You will also enjoy our white label software technology, no dealing desk, full service back office support, and other administrative and support functions.

Both Client and Backoffice packages are delivered to Broker/IB so that he can add the client's package to his own website to show his own name and contact information instead of his Market Maker's dealing room information

Through the WL package, Brokers' clients will trade directly with him, he will be able to create accounts, deposits, withdraw money, accept/reject quotes and perform all administrative operations that Market Maker does, except the following ones:

WL cannot control Market in terms of opening or closing Market separately from his Market Maker. However, this option is on the system level which can be controlled by the full system owner Symbol filtering is controlled also from the full system owner, and WL cannot control it as well Security system is controlled on the system owner level as well. However, if WL requires certain dealers with specific privileges he can arrange with his Market Maker (WL provider) and can create for him such dealers.