FinSys International is working as an exclusive agent for Morningstar (formerly known as Tenfore System UK Limited). AND Partner of VortexFx and White Label Distributors of Hybrids Solutions since 2006.


Morningstar is American based company (providing real time market data for every major exchange and idea). It codes real time data feeds, deliver fast, reliable data from all major equity exchange and indexes world wide, as well as Forex, Exchange and Trading markets. Data is available for more than four million global instruments including Future, Options, Commodities and Precious metal. Morningstar tailor each feed for brokerage firms, banks and other institutions with the markets, formats and time interval they need.

Morningstar inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. MS offer an extensive line of internet, software, and print based products and services for individuals, financial advisors and institutions.

Hybrid Solutions is a software house based in Amman, Jordan providing Forex Online Trading Platforms. Hybrid Solutions has adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop its Online Trading Platform. With our partner eVortex LTD, UK, we developed VertexFX, a state of the art online trading system introduced as a package of holistic solutions to BackOffice, client trade solution and server side, market makers, clearing houses, brokerage forms and other dealing rooms.

More than ten languages and different tools were used to develop our trading front ends and communication content, delivered as a single package called VortexFX Trading ensuring flexibility, reliability, security and high availability.

Hybrid Solutions proved to their customers, whether they were market makers or any other dealing room that the fast development and customization provided with high professionalism and support for trading systems creates a solid ground for real partnership that allow businesses to grow and prosper.